Love & Other Surprises

Not every post will pick up right from the last like a new chapter, but this true story is worth telling in two parts. The reason I made it this way is because I truly couldn’t figure out where to start with this doozy!

First, I have three requests from my readers: 1] If you know us, please forgive us if we lied to you, 2] If you don’t know us, enjoy the read, 3] Either way,  learn something from this post!

I spent a lot of time telling lies to myself about nearly everything I experienced in life. No matter your religion or your marital status, you are human. Humans have pride; we have defense mechanisms set in place for things which we are all too familiar with; we have negative habits that creep in when things aren’t going right. All these things are true for me. When I was single, I use to tell myself: “there’s no one left”, “everyone who is left is weird obviously from being single so long”, “everyone that’s left has kids and has been married because I’m older now”, I’m too independent, that’s why I can’t find someone”, “I’m too obnoxious, I talk too much it turns men off”, “I don’t have a good enough career yet”, “I think maybe I’m weird and guys just want the sweet little quiet girl”, “I’m going to have to change parts of myself to fit with someone”, “maybe true love isn’t what I thought”, “my expectations are set too high, maybe.”

Was that a long list? That’s was just what I could come up with in 45 seconds.

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