Why I have a Wedding Planner & you should too

I know what you’re thinkin’: “Yes Stacy, okay, we all know why having a wedding Planner is great- she does the work for you, blah blah.”

That’s probably a mere 10% of the reason why you should hire a wedding Planner/Coordinator. Let me set the mood…

Chances are, once you’re engaged, the following will occur in almost exact order:

Ask if he’s serious. Cry happy tears. Say yes. Ask if he’s serious. Hug him. Ask if he’s serious. Cry more. Call EVERYONE forgetting at least 5 important people. Feel overwhelmed and giddy at the same time. Tell the story of how he proposed 79 times. Answer questions you haven’t even thought about yet such as “When’s the date?” “Where are you going to get married?” And once all the people are told, Facebook is updated, you’ve had your time to calm down…you’ll open your Pinterest and visit your wedding boards. *YAY.*

Girls, raise your hand if you’ve been pinning stuff to your wedding boards since the first day you downloaded Pinterest? *My hand is raised.* You pinned those ideas with the intention of bringing them to life one day, right? I bet you pinned allllll those glorious ideas without thinking about several things, but especially this one thing: it’s every bride’s worst nightmare; a crusher of dreams; an unavoidable monster; a show stopper. The Budget.

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Let’s be honest, Pinterest is the dream world we get to live in where we plan our perfect wedding, build our dream home, get in shape, and cook glorious meals…but never actually do 95% of it. But you never thought this would happen with these pins. These are your wedding ideas! They are EVERYTHING. This is the moment when you get to actually use your Pinterest!


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