Self Love=Better Relationships

As a continuation of my little self-love bloggy blog, I would like to continue on to telling you how powerful it can be in terms of finding someone and loving them (better).

Self love allows you to get to know and accept yourself. Acceptance is freedom and knowing yourself is the first step in getting to know someone else. Think about it, if you don’t know what you want or what’s important to you, it’s hard to get to know anyone because you won’t be truly yourself in the process. People are like magnets. If you are clueless about yourself, people will be less likely to have enough confidence in you to open up about themselves. Likewise, practicing self-love is extremely magnetic. Have you ever seen someone’s eyes light up when they talk about what matters to them? Ladies, how sexy is it to watch your man do what he loves. Loving yourself is the most powerful force of attraction you have.

Let me just insert a little side-note that I’m not talking about going out on a Saturday night, making terrible decisions and then not giving a crap because you “love yourself.” I’m not talking about self absorption or obsession. What I am talking about is healthy love: You care about yourself; You respect yourself; You make good choices. If you want something in your life to change, you change it. You avoid one-night-stands and lowering yourself to accepting sub-par treatment just because he/she gives you attention. You’re worth more than that, Babe. 

Now that that’s settled…

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Finding the Love You Deserve

I must admit, love is one of my favorite topics to discuss. I experienced a lot before I found my future husband at 27 years old. At one point, I was reading book after book about love. In my quest to understand love, I learned mounds of information I believe is important to share. We will start with finding the love you deserve.

Let’s perform an exercise. I want you to do something that makes you feel like yourself. For me, I love making my favorite coffee, opening all the windows in the house on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday morning and reading cookbooks. Baking is a hobby of mine, so it always makes me feel fresh to explore new recipes I might try the following weekend. Maybe you enjoy climbing into your Eno on the porch with a good book, whatever it is, do something that makes you feel like the happiest version of yourself.

Your heart should feel full and satisfied. You should feel as though, wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, this exact feeling is your favorite of all. This is the love you deserve. We will call these moments of feeling like your happiest self, your “perfect moment.” .

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