The Art of Getting What You Want

Good Morning lovely readers! Spring is here which means it’s time for some Spring cleaning and new beginnings. Today, I’m going to write about the art of getting what you want. Please know that there are numerous books on this topic and I encourage you to read them!

The greatest book I’ve read so far on this topic is called How to Win Friends and Influence People, an all-time best seller. It was published in 1936 which makes it even more interesting to read. The author, Dale Carnegie, actually met several influential presidents and he’s included lessons from his interviews with them in this book. Among those presidents are Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Several other leaders from our history are also quoted. This book is amazing, an absolute must read!

So, yes, there is an art to getting what you want and no, it isn’t manipulative or dishonest. Think about someone you know that’s always struggling. No matter what they are struggling with, does it seem like every time you talk to this person they are negative? Always complaining? Sad or just generally unhappy? Now think of the opposite. The person that seems to have it all figured out; happy and positive. What do you think the difference between the two of these people is?

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15 Things You Can Learn From University

Oh Kialua Beach, Hawaii! You hold a dear place in my heart. Your elegantly soft powder sand and turquoise water surrounded by stunning views beg me to come back every time I look at these pictures.

Oh snap, did I mention it costs around $5-8,000 to go there? Depending on how extravagant you go, of course. Let’s be honest though, who goes to Hawaii to have another hum-drum vacay experience? I’m not getting on a plane for 10 hours for mediocre! I should mention I didn’t pay for this trip…at all. See blog #1 for questions.

Once I realized how much I loved Hawaii + how much it costs to go there = I realized also that I needed to make some different choices regarding my career path. I wanted to build a sustainable life for myself, but here’s the important part: before Hawaii, I thought I would “settle” for the current salary I made. I told myself a nice little assortment of lies –here we go again- that I could never return to school…. until Hawaii. After hearing the cost, I knew that an education from a university would open doors I never imagined before- allowing me to make more money.

Returning to school would be the paramount step in my quest to build the life of my dreams. Does it seem like the life of your dreams is beyond your reach? Are you unsure of what to do? Have a sit and allow me to elaborate on some things I have learned while at University. Have no fear! I’ve included related life lessons where applicable if you’ve never or will never attend Uni.

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Dating: Tips, Reminders, and Laughs for the Journey

Raise your hand if you think dating sucks. Not the cute dates you and your husband go on- I mean dating people you don’t really know in your quest for “the one.” Let’s all agree that it’s really exhausting to be asked several hundred questions about yourself where you have to pretend to love your life even though after the date is over you’re going back to scrolling Insta just to see all the newly engaged couples while you cry and drink wine in your bed….alone.

So, maybe I went overboard, but we’ve all been there at one point in our lives, right? Weather you’re married, dating or single, at some point you’ve experienced the awkward stage of searching for “the one”. Or perhaps you met your husband or wife early in life and never went through this but maybe you’ve wondered what it would be like if you hadn’t met them. Look no further! Here I am to tell you the truth if your wondering, give you tips if you’re stuck in the abyss and, as a bonus, I’ll share my own interesting experiences with you.

I just turned 30 a few weeks ago so I’m now able to use the phrase “in my twenties” in the past tense which makes me seem smarter. I spent a lot of time in my twenties doing what most twenty-somethings do: pretending I had tons of time before marriage and kids. As a result, I was pretty selfish and reckless. I don’t regret it.

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