Stop Dieting & Change Your Life

I hate the word ‘diet’, don’t you? Dieting isn’t an action, it’s a state-of-mind where you purposely torture yourself. Right here and now, we are no longer “dieting.”

I have developed a habit over the past 10 years of making healthier choices when it comes to food, 70-80% of the time. To establish some credibility, I’ve been both overweight and lean in the past 10 years. I use to eat anything I wanted and the only reason I wasn’t huge was because I played a ton of sports. In college, I stopped playing sports and I gained the freshman 20. After my first fall semester at 18 years old, I changed my life for the better by watching what I ate and going to the gym 4-5 days a week. Since then, I’ve had moments where I stop following my rules and I gain weight every single time. So, I KNOW what habits lead to weight gain and which ones lead to weight loss & maintenance. I would like to share with you my plan for your healthiest, most sun-shiney self.

First, you must understand that we are all different. The same things that work for me might not work for you. However, like I’ve said in a past blog- there is a proven method to accomplishing almost anything! It’s best to learn the system first and then tweak it as necessary for the best results. The foundation for a healthier body starts with two things: your activity level and what you eat. Duh, right, like you haven’t heard that 200 times but I know it’s overwhelming with all the different diet and workout plans out there. For now, I want you to clear your mind of the clutter and allow me to lay a simple foundation for a healthier you.

Some simple pointers…

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The Art of Getting What You Want

Good Morning lovely readers! Spring is here which means it’s time for some Spring cleaning and new beginnings. Today, I’m going to write about the art of getting what you want. Please know that there are numerous books on this topic and I encourage you to read them!

The greatest book I’ve read so far on this topic is called How to Win Friends and Influence People, an all-time best seller. It was published in 1936 which makes it even more interesting to read. The author, Dale Carnegie, actually met several influential presidents and he’s included lessons from his interviews with them in this book. Among those presidents are Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Several other leaders from our history are also quoted. This book is amazing, an absolute must read!

So, yes, there is an art to getting what you want and no, it isn’t manipulative or dishonest. Think about someone you know that’s always struggling. No matter what they are struggling with, does it seem like every time you talk to this person they are negative? Always complaining? Sad or just generally unhappy? Now think of the opposite. The person that seems to have it all figured out; happy and positive. What do you think the difference between the two of these people is?

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Why I have a Wedding Planner & you should too

I know what you’re thinkin’: “Yes Stacy, okay, we all know why having a wedding Planner is great- she does the work for you, blah blah.”

That’s probably a mere 10% of the reason why you should hire a wedding Planner/Coordinator. Let me set the mood…

Chances are, once you’re engaged, the following will occur in almost exact order:

Ask if he’s serious. Cry happy tears. Say yes. Ask if he’s serious. Hug him. Ask if he’s serious. Cry more. Call EVERYONE forgetting at least 5 important people. Feel overwhelmed and giddy at the same time. Tell the story of how he proposed 79 times. Answer questions you haven’t even thought about yet such as “When’s the date?” “Where are you going to get married?” And once all the people are told, Facebook is updated, you’ve had your time to calm down…you’ll open your Pinterest and visit your wedding boards. *YAY.*

Girls, raise your hand if you’ve been pinning stuff to your wedding boards since the first day you downloaded Pinterest? *My hand is raised.* You pinned those ideas with the intention of bringing them to life one day, right? I bet you pinned allllll those glorious ideas without thinking about several things, but especially this one thing: it’s every bride’s worst nightmare; a crusher of dreams; an unavoidable monster; a show stopper. The Budget.

Related image

Let’s be honest, Pinterest is the dream world we get to live in where we plan our perfect wedding, build our dream home, get in shape, and cook glorious meals…but never actually do 95% of it. But you never thought this would happen with these pins. These are your wedding ideas! They are EVERYTHING. This is the moment when you get to actually use your Pinterest!


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My Tips for de-Stressing & Balancing Your Life

Good day lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you some things I’ve learned over the past several years, weather it’s from my own personal experiences or some outside source, about how to de-stress and add some balance back to your life. We all have days or even weeks that feel so much harder than others and I’m not here to tell you that this will ever stop, it’s just life. At times it can feel like things are just perfect and then all of the sudden things seem to fall completely out of balance and what do we do? We STRESS OUT. And if you’re a woman, stress can come up literally out of nowhere and for no reason at all.

For almost everyone, life being “out of balance” is more of an internal feeling. You just feel like things are off, missing, or incomplete; you feel like something needs to be fixed or corrected and this causes stress when you can’t fix it or you don’t know how. Let me just say, there are going to be times when things just suck and there’s really not much that we need to do about it other than binge watch This is Us and eat ice cream. Sometimes this is the cure! And this is totally fine.

If you’re like me, you feel stress 5/7 days a week. I’m a full time student (15 hours, 2 capstone courses) + I’m planning/paying for/constantly thinking about my wedding + I work full time + I’m a “wife” at home meaning I wash clothes-fold clothes-put away clothes 2 or more times a week, do dishes, clean, cook (which I don’t always do but it kind of stresses me out when I don’t because then I eat bad) + try to maintain a social life and stress a little bit when I can’t + try to find time to do something I actually love doing. So what’s the main feeling I have almost constantly? While I’m getting ahead in one thing, I’m falling behind in another; there simply isn’t enough time in the day. Each time I realize what I’m falling behind in=STRESS.

Each of us handles stress differently. Some people over-eat, some people don’t eat, some cry, some hide, some pick fights with their s/o or family members, some watch Titanic 3 times in a row, some drink, some purposely participate in destructive behavior because, hell, why not? And some people just know how to handle it. Do you know what effect stress has on your body? Check this out.

I’m going to share my tools for helping us- BOTH of us because I need a reminder too.

  1. Breathe.

You are fully aware of the exact moment you feel stress. You know you’re stressed. It’s almost as if your brain tells you “God Karen, you are stressed. UGH.” In this moment, stop thinking and find a quiet place. Close your eyes and breathe slow deep breaths for 15 or so seconds, longer if you wish. Yoga and meditation are highly recommended as a daily exercise for healthier living. Both of these daily rituals include slow, deep breathing.

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Self Love=Better Relationships

As a continuation of my little self-love bloggy blog, I would like to continue on to telling you how powerful it can be in terms of finding someone and loving them (better).

Self love allows you to get to know and accept yourself. Acceptance is freedom and knowing yourself is the first step in getting to know someone else. Think about it, if you don’t know what you want or what’s important to you, it’s hard to get to know anyone because you won’t be truly yourself in the process. People are like magnets. If you are clueless about yourself, people will be less likely to have enough confidence in you to open up about themselves. Likewise, practicing self-love is extremely magnetic. Have you ever seen someone’s eyes light up when they talk about what matters to them? Ladies, how sexy is it to watch your man do what he loves. Loving yourself is the most powerful force of attraction you have.

Let me just insert a little side-note that I’m not talking about going out on a Saturday night, making terrible decisions and then not giving a crap because you “love yourself.” I’m not talking about self absorption or obsession. What I am talking about is healthy love: You care about yourself; You respect yourself; You make good choices. If you want something in your life to change, you change it. You avoid one-night-stands and lowering yourself to accepting sub-par treatment just because he/she gives you attention. You’re worth more than that, Babe. 

Now that that’s settled…

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Finding the Love You Deserve

I must admit, love is one of my favorite topics to discuss. I experienced a lot before I found my future husband at 27 years old. At one point, I was reading book after book about love. In my quest to understand love, I learned mounds of information I believe is important to share. We will start with finding the love you deserve.

Let’s perform an exercise. I want you to do something that makes you feel like yourself. For me, I love making my favorite coffee, opening all the windows in the house on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday morning and reading cookbooks. Baking is a hobby of mine, so it always makes me feel fresh to explore new recipes I might try the following weekend. Maybe you enjoy climbing into your Eno on the porch with a good book, whatever it is, do something that makes you feel like the happiest version of yourself.

Your heart should feel full and satisfied. You should feel as though, wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, this exact feeling is your favorite of all. This is the love you deserve. We will call these moments of feeling like your happiest self, your “perfect moment.” .

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15 Things You Can Learn From University

Oh Kialua Beach, Hawaii! You hold a dear place in my heart. Your elegantly soft powder sand and turquoise water surrounded by stunning views beg me to come back every time I look at these pictures.

Oh snap, did I mention it costs around $5-8,000 to go there? Depending on how extravagant you go, of course. Let’s be honest though, who goes to Hawaii to have another hum-drum vacay experience? I’m not getting on a plane for 10 hours for mediocre! I should mention I didn’t pay for this trip…at all. See blog #1 for questions.

Once I realized how much I loved Hawaii + how much it costs to go there = I realized also that I needed to make some different choices regarding my career path. I wanted to build a sustainable life for myself, but here’s the important part: before Hawaii, I thought I would “settle” for the current salary I made. I told myself a nice little assortment of lies –here we go again- that I could never return to school…. until Hawaii. After hearing the cost, I knew that an education from a university would open doors I never imagined before- allowing me to make more money.

Returning to school would be the paramount step in my quest to build the life of my dreams. Does it seem like the life of your dreams is beyond your reach? Are you unsure of what to do? Have a sit and allow me to elaborate on some things I have learned while at University. Have no fear! I’ve included related life lessons where applicable if you’ve never or will never attend Uni.

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Love & Other Surprises

Not every post will pick up right from the last like a new chapter, but this true story is worth telling in two parts. The reason I made it this way is because I truly couldn’t figure out where to start with this doozy!

First, I have three requests from my readers: 1] If you know us, please forgive us if we lied to you, 2] If you don’t know us, enjoy the read, 3] Either way,  learn something from this post!

I spent a lot of time telling lies to myself about nearly everything I experienced in life. No matter your religion or your marital status, you are human. Humans have pride; we have defense mechanisms set in place for things which we are all too familiar with; we have negative habits that creep in when things aren’t going right. All these things are true for me. When I was single, I use to tell myself: “there’s no one left”, “everyone who is left is weird obviously from being single so long”, “everyone that’s left has kids and has been married because I’m older now”, I’m too independent, that’s why I can’t find someone”, “I’m too obnoxious, I talk too much it turns men off”, “I don’t have a good enough career yet”, “I think maybe I’m weird and guys just want the sweet little quiet girl”, “I’m going to have to change parts of myself to fit with someone”, “maybe true love isn’t what I thought”, “my expectations are set too high, maybe.”

Was that a long list? That’s was just what I could come up with in 45 seconds.

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Dating: Tips, Reminders, and Laughs for the Journey

Raise your hand if you think dating sucks. Not the cute dates you and your husband go on- I mean dating people you don’t really know in your quest for “the one.” Let’s all agree that it’s really exhausting to be asked several hundred questions about yourself where you have to pretend to love your life even though after the date is over you’re going back to scrolling Insta just to see all the newly engaged couples while you cry and drink wine in your bed….alone.

So, maybe I went overboard, but we’ve all been there at one point in our lives, right? Weather you’re married, dating or single, at some point you’ve experienced the awkward stage of searching for “the one”. Or perhaps you met your husband or wife early in life and never went through this but maybe you’ve wondered what it would be like if you hadn’t met them. Look no further! Here I am to tell you the truth if your wondering, give you tips if you’re stuck in the abyss and, as a bonus, I’ll share my own interesting experiences with you.

I just turned 30 a few weeks ago so I’m now able to use the phrase “in my twenties” in the past tense which makes me seem smarter. I spent a lot of time in my twenties doing what most twenty-somethings do: pretending I had tons of time before marriage and kids. As a result, I was pretty selfish and reckless. I don’t regret it.

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